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The Rise Of The Headless Content Management System

"Compelled by the need to deliver content-rich digital interactions on mobile, Web, and everywhere, application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals supporting content management technologies are taking an API-first approach."

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The emerging Content-as-a-Service market

"The content-as-a-service approach (API-first, native JSON, pragmatic, emphasis on reuse) aligns with how mobile apps and modern web sites are built and deployed as well as their content needs. This is true whether those apps are built by scrappy startups or huge enterprises."

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Why the evolution toward a Headless CMS?

"In parallel, we witnessed the maturity of frameworks such as Angular, Ember, and Ionic (just to name a few) - all pushing development out to the browser tier itself, and each one clashing with the template-driven approach ordained by any underlying CMS."

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How to get Started

Cloud CMS provides a JSON API-driven way for building mobile apps and web sites. Using a headless architecture, your application can create, update, read, delete and perform other interesting operations ranging from workflow delegation to mimetype transformations, branching, publishing and more.

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"Cloud CMS gives us Enterprise features without the Enterprise cost. The platform enabled us to quickly deliver Apple and Android applications with real-time content updates and publishing."
~ Russell Pierpont, CEO Evolved Media

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Packed Full of Powerful Features

Whether you need to deliver content to a single application or desire a platform for empowering a unified content strategy across all of your apps in a headless fashion, Cloud CMS contains the suite of tools needed to achieve your vision.

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Content APIs

The basic requirement of any Content Management System is to manage content. Essentially: take this chunk of JSON, free of any hint of style or presentation, and store it, making it available via a tool-agnostic API to the front-end channels to present as required (aka "headless" CMS).

Our Content API adheres to RESTful standards and delivers over 1,300 methods for use in everything from CRUD operations and runtime rendering of content. All network communication is secure over HTTPS/SSL and uses OAuth2 for two-factor authentication.

Scalable and Elastic

Cloud CMS is the only Content Management System (CMS) that was built from the ground-up on top of scalable and elastic cloud technologies. We run on Amazon EC2 using a distributed architecture that scales to the needs of your business.

When your applications need more juice, our infrastructure automatically provisions more servers. When traffic calms back down, those extra servers are taken offline.

That way, you only ever pay for what you absolutely need.

SaaS or On-Premise

Cloud CMS has an on-premise offering which is exactly the same code base as our SaaS offering.

We use Docker to provision our cloud infrastructure servers on top of Amazon Web Services. These same Docker images are available to our Enterprise subscribers. This allows our customers to run Cloud CMS on-premise, either within their own data center or on their own Amazon AWS private cloud. Yielding more control over their backend infrastructure and providing them with more autonomy over their costs and services.

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